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Are you available to officiate on my wedding date?

The wedding to-do list is always fairly daunting, no matter how big or small the guest list is.  

Choosing your wedding officiant is usually on top of the list. Some couples start the selection process as soon as they set their wedding date and others call around 2-4 months before. There is no right or wrong!


You may have an idea of what style of ceremony you would like, but not really sure about all the details. 

I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with brides who call/email and tell me everything

they’d like in their ceremony. 

Then, they wait to sign the e-contract only to find out that I was booked while they waited.

This should be the first task to do when you find an officiant you like and that fits your budget.


I like e-contracts because is the best back up that you and I can have since it is a legal document. No proffesional vendor will just ask for your money without protecting your interests as client.

I do have couples that like to fully pay in advance or make a deposit and that is totally fine too, since an e-contract is always created.

If your ceremony is an Elopement style, there is no need of a contract.


How to save the date!?


I usually do e-contracts. It is the best way to guarantee you I will be there, rain or shine, or I will pay for a replacement. (Never happened)

Most officiants require a non-refundable deposit. Ask for their cancellation policy as they can/will cancel on you last minute and will not reimburse your money "because of the time they spent talking with you or creating the ceremony".

You certainly don't need that extra stress!!


Other officiants just book all weddings coming their way, then they realize they overbooked themselves and cancel or offer you another officiant that you have never met..and is 3 weeks before the ceremony!!


I don't book more than what I can confortable serve and plenty time to take pictures.


Keep in mind that if you book in advance, there are more chances that your date is available.

I have bookings until May 2016 and also get last minute for next week.


Ther are also high demand dates that are special such:


11/29/14;   12/13/14;   12/27/14;   2/14/15;   4/4/15;   6/6/15;

4th of July 2015;   8/8/15;   8/15/15;   10/10/15;   12/12/15.





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I perform weddings throughout the local area, including Marion County, Johnson County, Hendricks County, Boone County, Hamilton County, Madison County and Hancock County.

I'm a professional Wedding Officiant that has been part of the Indianapolis wedding industry for a couple of years.

I specialize in Romantic and Fun ceremonies. Small, Intimate or Large weddings!!

Bilingual Ceremonies, Traditional, Non Traditional, Religious, Non Religious, Elopements and Same Day always available. 


Tel: 317-748-7316
Call daily: 9am-6pm
(Early morning/Late evening hours upon request)

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