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I know that hiring an officiant can be one of the hard tasks when planning your wedding.

This person, someone that you don't know yet, will stand in front of all your guests, talk about different things and will lead the tone of the wedding.

I completely understand!

I will say that 40% of my clients were recommended my services by a friend/family member who previously hired me and makes me happy to see those couples years later at a new client's wedding.

It has happened several times that guests recognize me from previous weddings too.

Also, often bridesmaids/groomsmen tell me: "I wish you would have performed my ceremony" or " I want you to officiate my wedding"...they see how I interact with them, the couple and family members at the rehearsal, so the day of the wedding they already know I'm "V" and everyone is comfortable with each other.

Other times, the couple just need me for the day of, even if they don't need me to attend the rehearsal, I usually get asked if I'm a friend of the family or the likes and they are very surprised to learn we just met 30 minutes ago :-)

When a grandparent, who has attended a lot of weddings in their lives, hugs me or shakes my hand and

says "well done", that right there is the best part of my day.

That means I did and say something they haven't seen before...something engaging.

(Grandparents are my favorite!)

And I get a lot of "We loved the tone of your voice" and "You kept the couple relaxed" :-)

So what a better way to show you how much I really enjoy what I do, the experience couples and their guests get, than directly by previous couples I've had the pleasure to meet and perform their ceremony.


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I perform weddings throughout the local area, including Marion County, Johnson County, Hendricks County, Boone County, Hamilton County, Madison County and Hancock County.

I'm a professional Wedding Officiant that has been part of the Indianapolis wedding industry for over 9 years.

I specialize in Romantic and Fun ceremonies. Small, Intimate or Large weddings!!

Bilingual Ceremonies, Traditional, Non Traditional, Religious, Non Religious, Elopements and Same Day always available. 

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Call daily: 9am-6pm
(Early morning/Late evening hours upon request)

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