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Frequently Asked Questions



  • Do we need Pre-Marital Counseling?

      No at all!! There are no laws in Indiana that require couples to attend any kind of counseling to get married.  

      Some religions may require you to do it if you want to get married at their church, so this is a personal choice.


  • How do I save the date?

      I work with e-contracts to protect both parties as it is a legal document AND 50% deposit at booking.


  • Do you have a backup in case you are sick?

       Absolutely! If a backup is needed, is because I'm in hospital confinement or my hubby/son is at the hospital.

       In this case, I will fully pay for the backup and your money is refunded.


  • Do you have any rules to perform a ceremony?

        Other than the Legal requirements (sign the marriage license) there are no rules! Your wedding can be as                         traditional or as non-traditional as you like.

        Is your wedding and YOU call the shots (I'm always happy to offer ideas).


  • Will you marry us if we are of different faiths, have been divorced or are same sex?

        Absolutely! I marry couples! A wedding is the union of 2 people, regardless of their past because they have a                   present and are starting or continuing to build their future. A wedding is a celebration of love and a couple is                   made by 2 people...that's what I celebrate!

        First, Second or Third Marriage, Remarriage, Blending Families, Same Sex Couple and Transgenders

        are my specialty!!


  • Will you stay for the Reception?

        I would love to but I typically have other events to attend as well.


  • How soon can I get a Marriage License?

      To be legally married in Indiana, you must obtain a marriage license from the clerk's office in the county                           where you reside within 60 days of your marriage date. Once you have your marriage license, you can get                         married the same day!


  • Who signs the Marriage License?

       Your Officiant (Hopefuly me!) and the couple only.

       You don't need witnesses in Indiana but they are always welcome! Most counties give a "Certificate" which is a                keepsake and has no legal power, so anyone can be your witness! I had a couple with 2 daughters (2 years old                  and 9 months) so I had them to hand print the certificate during the ceremony, it was adorable and looked great            on their photos!!

       For blending families, I create a certificate so all children can be witnesses if they like!

       I'll give you ideas and options to make the ceremony fun for your guests and memorable for you.


  • How do I get certified copies?

       Once you are married, you need to either mail the Marriage License or return it in person, so it can be filed by the          Clerk's office. You need to buy the certified copies from the Court to have legal proof of your marriage. If you need         then right away, you can take the marriage license back to the court in person and buy them on the spot.

      Otherwise, I offer all couples to mail it back and buy 2 copies which will be mailed by the court within 1-2 weeks.


  • Do I need certified copies?

       Yes! That is the only document you will have to show/proof you are married. You will need them if wanting to                legally change your name (SSA Office), Insurance, Immigration, etc.


  • How do I change my last name?

       After your get your certified copies, you will need to go to the Social Security Office.

       For further information 


       Then you will need to go to the BMV. For more information 


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I specialize in Romantic and Fun ceremonies. Small, Intimate or Large weddings!!

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