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Hi! I'm Veronica Maximo, owner of Wedding Officiant Indianapolis.

As you can imagine, I always ask couples their love story and different questions to get to know them better so if they decide to hire me, I can have more information to later email them the script.

But as much as I ask, you may also want to know about me and if I may be a good fit for you, so don't be shy to request a meeting!

They are free of charge and no strings attached!

I've been happily married for 15 years and together for 17 years.

We have a 10 years old son,  3 very friendly dogs and a

wild bunny family in our backyard :-)


I'm originally from Chile and I've lived in Indiana for over 16 years.

I was brought up to the U.S to do management training as

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Hospitality Management with a major in International Cuisine.

I worked in the Hotel industry for 8+ years as a Head Department and managed/coordinated large city events such as Super Bowl,

Big 10, Final Four, Indy 500, NBA Teams, etc and serviced the everyday person to celebrities.

To me, everyone has always been a V.I.P, no difference!

And is the same concept I have carried as a Wedding Officiant, no matter how big or expensive a wedding is, is a moment for the couple to cherish for years to come.


When I met the love of my life and my best friend (a.k.a "my  husband") a month after my arrival, I knew it was meant to be, and we have been together since then. When we decided to get married, we faced the reality that since we were from different countries, it was going to be a little difficult to have all of our loved ones here.




So one day we decided to get married just the two of us and to do it the next day, even if I have always been a planner this just seemed right. What we didn't realize was that everywhere we called, they asked if we were members of that church, we needed to have counseling or simply the minister will not do that type of "rush" wedding. Someone at work suggested going to the courthouse when the Judge used to celebrate marriages at the Clerk's Office and we got married there. 


Years later, when I decided to stop working in the hotel industry to care for our son's multiple and special needs; due to unexpected life changes months later, I needed to work again but I couldn't go back to the hotel business and be a Head Department as now I couldn't work 14-16hrs+ shifts. That is exactly why I decided to become a Professional Wedding Officiant, so I can help those looking for a

Quick Process/Elopement/Same Day Wedding, Intimate Ceremonies, Traditional or Not, Vows Renewal and Commitment Ceremonies, Religious, Non-Religious and Interfaith.

My signature style:

I don't use scripts from the internet because I do mean what "I write" and my writing comes from my own life experiences and inspiration (which changes all the time) so I can provide something new and engaging to you and your guests.

There is nothing wrong with using a cookie-cutter script but those have been used for so long and most people have heard those many times before and why guests sometimes come to weddings thinking the ceremony will be monotone or unappealing.

I like to say I don't do sermons as I believe every couple's journey is unique and I consider a wedding to be a celebration so my style is about "your own" love story while still providing the right atmosphere for the rest of the evening.

And the main reason I write my own scripts is so they can be unique, something new, a message of love, inclusion and celebration.

But you certainly can edit or make any desired change to it since I work with Google Docs and will never be offended if you change something as this is YOUR WEDDING, so I always say we work "together" on it.

I provide options for mostly everything so you can have many options for the ceremony so it can be a reflection of who you are.


What I love most about my job is that there is always something new as all couples are different. I'm booked by Drs, Engineers, Nurses, Police Officers, NBA Players, Painters, Construction workers, Teachers, Hair Stylists, etc, so you get the idea.

In some way, is very similar to what I did back when I was a head department in the hospitality area...everyone is the same- no labels. 

I make sure you and your guests are comfortable and welcomed, it is who I am!! And as you already can tell, I like to talk/write! :-)

I'm just like Nanny McPhee: "I come when I'm needed and I leave when you want me to stay"


Nevertheless to say...I'm very friendly and I've always enjoyed interacting with people!! I'm lucky to be able to meet people from all over the world with exquisite cultures, traditions, languages and beliefs that always make me see life differently and

I'm very thankful for that.

So share as much as you like of your love/life story with me since that is actually the best part of my job!!

It is like reading a romance book/novel that changes with each couple I meet.

I believe inclusion is a way of living so if you speak a language other than English or Español, I will be more than happy to

accommodate as much as I can, especially so parents and grandparents can follow the ceremony.

I've performed ceremonies in Hebrew, Mandarin, Korean, Italian and Russian.

If an ASL interpreter is needed, is offered at no cost to couples.


I'm open to any ideas/predilections you may have...I enjoy new traditions or create a new one!!

Well, I may think twice if you want to get married while sky diving but if that is what you want... I will put my aviator glasses on!

No matter how, where or why you decide to get married...IS YOUR DAY!!

More facts about me:

- My great great maternal grandfather was from Ireland and moved to Chile to do business. My paternal grandfather was from Spain,  so my family traditions are very European.

-I'm 4th generation of college graduates and all my life I attended private schools.

-I attended Vet School at an Ivy League College for 2 years when I decided I wanted to be a Chef!! Yes, I can cook and bake...just don't remind my husband! So I kind of broke the family tradition! (Everyone is either a Doctor, Engineer or in the medical field)

-I wanted to work in Europe when I graduated from college (my roots were calling!) so I applied all over the world. They called from Indianapolis the next day after applying and 1 month later I was here...the rest is history!

-I was a Rose Award Nominee in 2009 (Indiana Hospitality Award) and Manager of the Year (2009) at the Hilton Hotel Downtown.

-I have received awards from The Knot, WeddingWire and known to have a respectable reputation within the Wedding Industry.

-My husband is a stay home dad and I work from home so we can support our son's multiple needs.

-I'm involved in the special needs community in different ways, from volunteering to supporting nonprofit organizations.

-I started to volunteer at Geist Elementary School in 2018 and I'm the room parent for their special education classrooms (CFL and Life Skills) and PTO chair for their disABILITY program.

-I'm a philanthropist and give back to the community in different ways. I volunteer in the city of Fishers "Adopt a Road" to keep our streets clean and I have a nonprofit Etsy store to buy "1 hr massage" gift cards to give to local special needs parents.

Check the store here

-I have a very diverse musical taste from Queen, Adele, George Michael, Jamiroquai, Frank Sinatra, Pink, Twenty One Pilots, U2,

The Coors, Robbie Williams to Opera (My son and I love "Mio Babbino Caro")

-I speak English, Spanish and French (little rusty now), learning ASL and AAC. Languages come easy to me!

-My favorite movies are "The Wizard of Oz", "The Sound of Music", "Deadpool" and "John Wick"

-I'm quite crafty! I can knit (check my Etsy store), sew and have a vegetable garden every summer

-I can change a flat tire, paint a house (inside and out!) and changed the floor in my home office with my own hands :-)

-Be prepared...because I hug!

    Best wishes to both of you...Let's celebrate LOVE!


My signature style is a black shift dress and pearls as you can see in most photos throughout the years.

Let's face it, I'm going to be in your photos. So please, don't be shy about asking me what I wear and I usually will ask about your dress code (What you are asking your guests to wear) so I can dress up accordingly.

You put so much effort into how the rest of the wedding looks, you don't want the officiant to be the "wild card";  you will look at those photos (which are expensive!) for years to come.

I'm happy to tell you my choices and I am also happy to adjust accordingly if you want something special.


I've designed most of the dresses I wear!! I bought the fabric, designed them and hired a seamstress. As unique as my scripts are,

I wanted my dresses to also be one of a kind. Should I add clothes designer to my resume? :-)

I generally select according to the wedding style and weather.

You will always see me wearing pearls too. I was given my first South Sea Cultured Pearl earrings when I was 9 years old and have been a fan since then.

I promise to look cute, but not too noticeable. This is YOUR DAY.

     Dress Etiquette for formal ceremonies:

Not into black? Not a big deal! Please talk to me about any specific request.

I've worn a red jacket for a Chinese Wedding (Tradition for good luck), a casual summer for a backyard wedding in July and a floor length dress for a black-tie wedding.

Wedding Officiant Indianapolis™ logo and name is a trademark of Veronica Maximo.

Wedding Officiant IndianapolisLLC is owned by Veronica Maximo, Copyright © 2015


I perform weddings throughout the local area, including Marion County, Johnson County, Hendricks County, Boone County, Hamilton County, Madison County and Hancock County.

I'm a professional Wedding Officiant that has been part of the Indianapolis wedding industry for over 9 years.

I specialize in Romantic, Fun and Elegant ceremonies. Small, Intimate or Large weddings!!

Bilingual Ceremonies, Traditional, Non-Traditional, Religious, Non-Religious, Elopements and Same Day always available. 

© Website created and designed by Veronica Maximo-Wedding Officiant Indianapolis . All Rights Reserved. 


Tel: 317-748-7316
Call daily: 9am-6pm
(Early morning/Late evening hours upon request)

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